Cost to replace air compressor in car

At the base of any AC system, the compressor compresses refrigerant vapour which initiates the heat-exchange process using refrigerant's thermodynamic properties.

Refrigerant to create gas in the AC performs two different transitions within the system. Within each of these transitions, the refrigerant adjusts to gas, liquid, and gas. This is exactly the reason why air blows out of your air conditioning vents.


一、Cost to replace air compressor in car

1.How Much Does Car AC Compressor Replacement Cost?

1.Cost to Replace Car AC Compressor

1.2AC Compressor Parts & Labor Costs

1.3Part Costs For AC Compressor Replacement

1.3.1What Are the Components of the Compressor? Clutch Coil Compressor

1.3Labor Costs For AC Compressor Replacement

1.3.1Why Does Labor Time Vary?

1.Why Would You Need To Replace It?

1.What To Expect

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    1.Cost to Replace Car AC Compressor


    The labor rate and reception place of service can greatly influence the price as well as the make and model of a vehicle. Expect to pay twice as much if you service a German car.


    In order to serve an AC compressor, the car will require having a respirator and recharge process completed. The refrigerant has to be evacuated prior to needing a separate compressor, and it will be necessary to recharge it afterwards.


    This is an additional cost that must be added to the completed replacement cost. This can range from $100 to $200 depending on where you are servicing your vehicle. Some places may just roll this cost directly into the repair and not even tell you as you must perform this service first anyway.


    1.How Much Does Car AC Compressor Replacement Cost?


    How Much Does  Car A/C Compressor Repair and Replacement Cost? Car a/c compressor replacement costs about $994 for car a/c compressor with average prices of car a/c compressor ranging from $842 for a compressor to $1146 for car a/c compressor in the US for 2020.


    As reported car a/c compressor labor will cost about $681 with average prices of a car a/c compressor ranging from $376 to $986.


    Disclaimer – This is not an actual quote. 

  • 1.2AC Compressor Parts & Labor Costs


    The cost of parts for vehicle repair and maintenance is divided into the price of the element and the time it requires to complete the service. Some car owners like to purchase their parts second-hand or by looking into re-manufactured parts. Keep in mind that parts taken from cars that have already been in operation will have worn out and are destined for future replacement sooner than you might think.


    1.3Part Costs For AC Compressor Replacement


    The cost of your AC compressor replacement will depend on the style, make, and year of your vehicle. The cost for AC compressors can range from $200 to over $1,000 based on your model of car.


    1.3.1What Are the Components of the Compressor?


    The compressor is the most costly component in the AC system and also the most critical to a functioning system. The air conditioner's compressor composition accounts for the majority of the system's costs and creates its primary function. The compressor is composed of three different components which are as follows:


  • 80008008 Clutch


    The clutch is located on the front of the compressor and its primary function is to allow the device to be engaged or disengaged. Clutch is a friction disk and pulley for the compressor.


    The pulley is frequently turned by the drive belt just like a power steering pump or a alternator, with the exception of the power steering pump, whereby the compressor will not always be on (in the same way the compressor in an alternator does not stay running at all times).

    The pulley often turns by the drive belt much like an alternator or a power steering pump, except for the power steering pump, wherein, like the compressor within an alternator, the compressor will not arise at all times.


    When the clutch is engaged, it locks itself to the drive belt pulley, forcing the compressor to run.



    The coil is a magnetic electromagnet that forms when power is supplied. When electrical power is turned on in your automobile, the coil becomes magnetized, which results in the generator engaging due to an electric current.


    Once the clutch has become engaged by the coil, the compressor now turns from the drive belt.



    The compressor, when engaged by the clutch and coil, will then compress and push the refrigerant throughout the AC system. In the olden days, the compressor had serviceable components. However, in modern vehicles, the only serviceable components are the clutch, coil, and compressor.  



  • 1.3Labor Costs For AC Compressor Replacement


    The labor expense to replace the AC compressor is calculated by dividing the unit's hourly rate by the time it takes for the make, model, and year. The cost of labor when fixing an AC Compressor is usually between $200 and $500.


    1.3.1Why Does Labor Time Vary?


    Labor costs vary as there is no set area where automobile manufacturers place the AC Compressor. Depending on the type of AC Compressor, replacing the air filter or removing other parts may be required in order to reach it and change it. Depending on the level of effort it takes to get this replaced, labor expenses may increase.


    1.Why Would You Need To Replace It?


    There’s a couple of reasons why you might need your AC compressor replaced. The most likely reason is usually due to the coil failing which is the most common cause that independent shop services as most do not service just the coil.


    When a coil fails, your AC will not function at all. Without the ability to engage the clutch, with a failed coil, the compressor will never turn on and will not even attempt to cool down the air.


    Clutch failure is not a common occurrence as coil failure. Sometimes, the clutch wears out simply through use, as it is a part of the wearable component. When the surface gaps between the two clutch surfaces become huge, the coil is unable to tug them together to lock up and turn on the compressor.


    It is very common at the dealership to replace both the clutch and the coil together whenever one of the two components fails.


    A component is only replaced if it's not sustaining a function if breaks after being serviced at the dealership, and the failure has multiple causes. It could be replaced if it is leaking and there are some serviceable seals.


    The compressor can be changed if it gets sick and can no longer compress the refrigerant gas. Without proper compression, your AC will function poorly or perhaps not at all.


    Of course, the only other regular failure that will require the compressor to be replaced is if it becomes seized. This occurs if there is insufficient lubrication and can lead to the compressor jamming and not turning whatsoever.


1.What To Expect


It’s no fun when it’s the middle of the summer and your AC stops working. There are advantages and disadvantages to where you choose to have your repairs performed.


Replacing your compressor will take several hours for most vehicles. These will call for two to three hours of book time for standard vehicles; not including the time needed for the evac and recharge which is usually around an hour.


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