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About digital scroll compressor

About digital scroll compressor

Digital scroll compressors are revolutionizing the way people cool their homes. These devices are more efficient than traditional compressors and can be used to save money on home cooling costs. 


About digital scroll compressor


Digital Scroll Compressors are highly efficient devices used in HVAC systems for air compression. They are composed of two interlocking spirals, known as scrolls, which move in opposite directions. The digital scroll compressor takes the basic principle of axial compliance and adds an additional layer of control by regulating the separation of the scrolls. This provides a continuous modulation capability, allowing the cooling system to adjust capacity as needed while also providing precision temperature control. With its instant response to sudden changes and efficient operation at part load, digital scroll compressors are a great choice for any HVAC system.


How a digital scroll compressor works


A digital scroll compressor is a device designed to compress air or refrigerant. It utilizes an unloading mechanism known as Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) technology to precisely modulate the compressor's capacity from 10 to 100%. This allows for improved temperature control and energy efficiency. The digital scroll compressor is controlled by advanced microprocessor control instrument, which ensures the compressor output matches the required demand. The Copeland Scroll compressor has only one scroll or spiral orbiting in path, which results in fewer moving parts compared to reciprocating technology and improved reliability. With continuous modulation available, a digital scroll compressor provides precise temperature control.


How efficient is the digital scroll compressor


Digital scroll compressors are highly efficient and effective when it comes to changing refrigeration loads. They offer greater flexibility than conventional compressors, allowing for output from 10% to 100% BTUH. Despite the increased power demand for the same output as a regular compressor, digital scroll compressors offer improved efficiency. By separating the scrolls on a duty cycle, these compressors are able to modulate output in a mechanical way, ensuring that the compressor matches its output with the overall cooling needs. The range of two medium temperature scroll digital compressor models have been found to be more efficient than fixed-speed chillers, with a 10-ton chiller using 58 percent of the energy that would be used by a fixed-speed unit. These results make digital scroll compressors an ideal choice for anyone looking for an energy-efficient solution for their refrigeration needs.


Does the digital scroll compressor save energy


Digital scroll compressors are known to be energy-efficient compared to conventional fixed-speed compressors. They have the ability to improve chiller energy efficiency at partial chilling loads, and can save up to 40 percent on electric bills. The bin temperature method can be used to calculate yearly electric energy consumption, and it has been found that digital scroll compressors consume less electricity. While digital systems motors will keep running at part load, the fixed system is turned off once the condition is met. Therefore, digital scroll compressors offer an excellent way to save energy and money in the long run.


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