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Some typical symptoms of compressor failure

Compressor failure is a common problem in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Symptoms of compressor failure may include: high energy bills, poor air quality, noise, and reduced system efficiency. To prevent compressor failure, it is important to inspect and maintain your air conditioning and refrigeration system regularly.


Some typical symptoms of compressor failure


Odd Sounds

You might hear some strange noises when you flip on your vehicle’s air conditioner and if you do, it’s probably the compressor. Once this part begins to fail, it might grind or whine when it’s activated. These sounds are the result of internal components, such as the bearings, going bad. Turn your AC off to see if the sound stops and then back on again to see if it resumes. If so, you’ve got an AC problem.


Hot Air

The whole point of turning on your vehicle’s AC is to get cold air to come through the vents. Still, if your AC system hasn’t been maintained, you might find yourself with hot air instead. Hot air is a sign of AC compressor failure. Hot air could also be a sign that your refrigerant is low. This sign usually warns you before the compressor dies completely. You’ll notice the air seems to be getting warmer over time.


Fluid Leaks

Your vehicle’s air-conditioning compressor has internal bearings, as mentioned above, that prevent the refrigerant from leaking out of the compressor. The compressor’s job is to pressurize the refrigerant to help cool it down. This, of course, wears the bearings down over time because of the constant pressurized environment inside the compressor. Worn or damaged bearings will leak refrigerant.




Stuck Clutch

Just like a manual transmission, the AC compressor has a clutch. This clutch connects to your vehicle’s engine to draw power from it. The compressor only uses the power when it needs it, but if the AC compressor clutch or its pulley gets stuck, the compressor will not work because it won’t be getting any power. The clutch itself cannot be replaced. If it seizes up, you have to replace the compressor.


ECU error  

if you get a check engine light on your dash, this is a definite sign something more sinister is lurking. The ECU measures voltage signals to parts like the compressor, and can detect malfunctioning signals which might result in incorrect voltage delivery.



What happens when the car aircon compressor fails?

When the refrigerant gas doesn’t get compressed at the air con compressor, the condenser can’t do its job of turning the gas into a liquid. Inside the car, you’ll notice that the air isn’t blowing as cool as it should.


When the car aircon compressor fails, it can send debris throughout the car’s air conditioning system, resulting in potentially expensive repairs. Diagnosing an air-con compressor issue and getting it fixed early can minimise the outlay to get your car air con working again.


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