Compressor kit for ac
Compressor kit for ac

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About Compressor kit for ac


Compressor kit for ac is an important part of the air conditioning system. It is a pump that pressurizes the refrigerant gas and delivers it to the condenser. The compressor is belt-driven and is located at the front of the engine.


Compressor kit for ac of Feature:

1. High efficiency and energy saving.

2. Low noise and quiet operation.

3. Use HFC refrigerant to protect the environment.

4. High reliability and long life.

Compressor kit for ac

Compressor kit for ac


1. The Compressor kit for ac is the main component of the air conditioning system and pumps the refrigerant throughout the system.


2. Without the compressor, the air conditioner of the car cannot work.


3. The Compressor kit for ac is located in the engine compartment of the car and is usually very noisy during operation.

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